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Dr. Gustavo has been a consultant to companies ranging in size from small family businesses to Fortune 500 organizations since the year 2000. He has developed a vast depth and breath of knowledge in the areas of culture, organizational development, and human behavior. On this page, Dr. Gustavo invites you to ask a question you may have regarding a challenge that your organization is facing. Are you hoping to pressure-test a new idea, looking for an external perspective, or trying to change the way that you and others in your organization see the world?

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General Questions

When interviewing millennials is it common for them to use emojis in initial email communication?

Millennials have grown up with their primary form of communication being text messaging. That means they often bring deficits in traditional written forms of formal communication, such as “standard business English.” So, it’s actually not just emoji’s. You’ll often see text abbreviations in formal writing.

Solution: I speak about “meeting where they are.” I’ve worked with companies who will develop and offer training programs in “standard business English” to ensure all of their millennial employees are all writing at an agreed upon professional level. The investment comes back to them in the form of loyalty and retention of those employees. It communicates to those millennial employees that this is a company that is willing to invest in me from day one.

Could you provide references to articles on your social capitalism ideas appropriate for busy executives?

Dear Alice,

Thanks so much for your question. The three seminal books defining the concepts of Social Capitalism, Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Business are:

  1. Firms of Endearment by Raj Sisodia
  2. Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
  3. Conscious Business by Fred Kofman

I summarize the concept and do a direct comparison in Chapter 3 of my book, Culture Trumps Everything.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks again for your question and have a great week!
Dr. Gustavo

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