For Meeting Attendees: Culture Trumps Everything Workbook

Organizations are often burdened with mediocre or poorly performing employees – costing billions of dollars a year. This poor performance is often attributed to an employee’s individual qualities or attributes, such as personality, motivation and/or skillsets. However, within the field of psychology, we know that context is a better predictor and controller of behavior than individual attributes – and inside an organization, this “context” is what we also refer to as “corporate culture.” Culture trumps everything.

If employees within an organization are goal-oriented, team-focused, and driven by performance, it’s because the culture demands it. Conversely, if an organization has employees that don’t care about goals, don’t care about teams, and don’t care about performance, it’s because the culture allows that, as well. This is the difference between working in your business vs. working on your business. Working on your business means working on your culture because Culture Trumps Everything.

In his participant-driven program, Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky (well known as Dr. Gustavo) will provide participants with actionable information regarding:

  • Understanding the profit paradox, classic capitalism vs. social capitalism and their implications
  • A clear definition of organizational culture
  • Examples of the successes and failures created by organizational culture
  • Steps for Creating a Culture of Success: Identifying the four factors which predict success in organizations

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