Popular Formats

Before every engagement, I spend time with decision makers to fully understand the goals and what is trying to be achieved during the event. Whatever timeframe is available, we will work collaboratively to put together a program that everyone agrees will be outstanding!

Below you will see that are several program timeframes that are commonly requested. If you’d like to discuss your particular circumstances and how I may help, please contact me at Gustavo@DrGustavo.com or click here to reach my contact page.

Keynote Session

  • Keynote sessions typically focus on two things: (1) providing participants with an overview of the topic being presented; and (2) inspiring participants to take action with the information they have just learned. They serve as a wonderful format to introduce a new idea and/or roll out a new initiative.
  • Typical Timeframe: 60 to 90 minutes

Half-Day Session

  • Half-day sessions include all of the information that is included in keynote sessions – with the addition of a mini “workshop” where participants are given an opportunity to create actionable steps and define a mini strategic plan for their specific steps. This format is the most popular because it is highly interactive and offers most organizations a great balance between increase understanding and actionable deliverables.
  • Typical Timeframe: Up to 3 hours

Full-Day Session

  • Full-day sessions include all of the information and exercises of the half-day sessions – and allow for the creation of detailed strategic plans (including timeframes, objectives, and accountabilities) for transforming participants’ new information into long-term action and results. Participants identify and learn key factors and behaviors required to transform their organization. To ensure progress is being made towards organizational change, up to a 90 day follow up is included with every full day session.
  • Typical timeframe: 6 hours (3 hours before lunch + 3 hours after lunch) + post session follow up

Multi-Day Sessions with Consultation

  • For clients who wish to do a “deep dive” into their organizational culture and create enduring change, multi-day sessions are an ideal solution. Depending on the situation and number of participants, the initial session extends over two or three days and includes an assessment of the most challenging factors within the organizational culture. The initial session includes individual interviews and/or focus group interviews to determine the most pressing and long term issues. After this data collection/assessment phase, there is a half-day or full-day session to ensure every member of the leadership team is “on the same page.” After the half/full-day presentation, follow-up sessions are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure forward momentum, support new behaviors and make course corrections as necessary. Follow-up sessions can be done virtually, in person or both. The number and timing of follow-up sessions depends heavily on the nature of the transformation that is undertaken and would be determined during the course of the initial two- or three-day session.
  • Typical timeframe: 2+ full days (6 hours each), plus follow-up as defined within the scope of the project