Trust: The Coin of the Realm

Trust: The Coin of the Realm

Building a Culture of Trust Workshop

At the crossroads of economics, technology, and human capital, business leaders find themselves in an ever-changing dynamic environment where they must make decisions, rely on others to execute, hold people accountable for performance, and keep their teams operating seamlessly as various challenges arise. It is in this environment where trust is the coin of the realm.

Recent research has found that building a culture of trust leads to more engaged employees, higher productivity, improved quality, and increased profitability. When compared to low-trust companies, high-trust company employees are more productive, display greater energy, are more collaborative, and stay longer with their employers. They also experience fewer problems with chronic stress and report being happier with their lives. These are all factors which support stronger engagement and performance.

In a global CEO survey done by PwC published in 2016, 55% of CEOs stated that lack of trust in their organization is an existential threat. Clearly, a majority of CEOs globally recognize the problem, but they don’t know what to do about it. This workshop offers a science-based place to start.

In this experienced-based workshop, Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky (well known as Dr. Gustavo) will provide participants with actionable information and direct experience regarding:

  • Understanding a science-based formula for developing trust
  • Application and direct experience of the Vulnerability Paradox
  • Identification of the specific everyday behaviors required for trust development and their benefits
  • Experiencing an exercise requiring vulnerability and receive immediate and direct feedback from his/her peers

Value to Participants: Participants will leave with direct experience and specific action plans outlining what steps are required, strategically and tactically, to implement the specific behaviors related to trust development in their culture. These steps will be outlined for each member in a readily accessible format such that participants can refer to their plan on a daily and weekly basis.

Biography: Gustavo Grodnitzky has a Ph.D. in clinical and school psychology and has extensive experience in interpersonal communications, strategic planning, change management and development of organizational culture. For well over a decade, he has been a consultant for corporations, groups and individual executives, at numerous Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies. Dr. Gustavo has presented at a variety of national and international professional conferences, has written numerous manuscripts for publication and is often called on to review books and manuscripts prior to publication. His book, Culture Trumps Everything, is available on Amazon and all fine online book retailers.


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